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Versioning & Releases

As our team continues to work on the PharmCAT tool we will release new versions of the tool. These versions can be found on the GitHub releases page.

Versions are identified by a version number (e.g. v1.6.0). The numbering follows the rules of Conventional Commit. Each release includes documentation describing what has changed since the previous release. PharmCAT uses git as its version control system so you can examine each individual change by looking through the git commit log.

We highly recommend you use the latest available release of PharmCAT and keep an eye out for new releases. A good way to stay up-to-date is to use the GitHub notifications system.

When do we release a new version?

New versions of PharmCAT are released when there is one or more substantial changes that are deemed ready by the PharmCAT team. A substantial change can be one of the following:

  • a new feature
  • an update from a data source (e.g. PharmVar, CPIC)
  • a fix for a problem reported by a user
  • an improvement for an existing feature

There is no time-based schedule for releasing new versions of PharmCAT.

PharmCAT is managed at Stanford University & University of Pennsylvania (NHGRI U24HG010862).